what happened why you turned into suicide??

Questioner All the cultures in the world

they have a common thing that they revere human life.

Taking away your own life or somebody else’s life

is not considered proper

but if… if one is really suffering,

one has got a bad deal in this life

then why can’t just one, you know,

start a new game,

end this one and restart the game?

Is there anything wrong with that?

So ‘if I have a bad deal

don’t I have the right

to shut it up

and come back again?’

If you have a bad deal with your job

you could just quit.

If you have a bad deal with your marriage you could just divorce.

If you have a bad deal with the society in which you live

you can come to Isha Yoga Center.

If you have a bad deal in Isha Yoga Center

you can go up the mountain.

So these are not good enough reasons

for you to end the process of life.

First of all you didn’t create it.

So you don’t talk about ending it.


your identity as a separate being

or a separate person has

has disappeared

and you and the source of creation are just the same

if you come to that point

then you can just throw away your body consciously.

Then you are allowed to do it,

not by damaging the body,

not by hanging from a tree.

We don’t mind burying you under the tree

but hanging from a tree is neither good for you

nor for the tree

We already looked at this;

whether it’s a good deal or a bad deal

if you have a larger purpose

everything is a stepping stone.

Everything is a stepping stone for your ultimate well-being

if you have set the larger goal.

Every situation that you get into

you are getting so identified and caught up with it,

now it feels like it’s better to end your life.

Anyway, this is lot of bull

‘cause today if something is going wrong

you want to end your life;

tomorrow morning something is going right you want to live;

you want to have your third baby.

You want to get married once again.

If things are going little better tomorrow morning

you will have plans.

Everything looks bleak – you think of suicide, isn’t it?

So this is just a game that you are playing in your mind.

It once happened,

a salesman decided to go into a new development;

housing development.

He thought no other salesmen would have still ventured yet

because it’s a new development.

So he wanted to be the first one;

be the early bird.

So he went and knocked on the very first house

that he saw there.

A lady came and opened the door.

Without giving her a chance

he just slipped into her house,

took a lot of cow dung,

fresh cow dung from his bag

and threw it all over the new carpet

and he said,

‘See, I have a wonder vacuum cleaner.

You watch it;

I’ll clean this carpet

without even leaving the slightest of odour.

If I don’t do it

I will eat every piece of this cow dung myself,

I will eat it.’

So the lady asked,

‘Would you like some tomato sauce

because we still do not have electricity in the house.’

What you need is a little bit of tomato sauce.

Tastes a little good

then you suddenly want to live.

Just eating cow dung you feel like dying.

You stood up and said, ‘ …’

If you know what you’re uttering,

such nonsense should not come out of your mouth.

There is no meaning to

when you are wanting to end your life

because it’s not worthwhile sitting here –

that’s what you are telling me,

isn’t it?

It’s not worthwhile sitting here;

you are not in grace;

you are somewhere

about how your job is not working,

how your family is freaking you,

how something else is happening;

that’s all you are thinking about.

Just be here;

suddenly it’ll be worthwhile.

I’ll make it worthwhile.