The man in the cell.-prisoner 439

Okay, this Monday like bloody Monday attitude of life we all could help own mind. we all know about the mother if the child feels a low mother knows why it happened we all life is the not around it its the circle the prisoner name convert into the number. the prisoner also knows as Manohar Survey. how it’s converted into name into the number.

The toper student of Wadala College Mumbai he was brilliant but some of the curated society make him a monster. he tried to act as nothing happened but society didn’t accept him it was the worse revenge with the whole city there are no options with it created own gang make worst life ever then it’s happened like a fantastic job for self-respect.

The Bollywood movie acted shot out at Wadala is best chartered by john Abram as many surveys as the Manohar survey. in vilen cast deliver as Sonu Sood best parfoamce by Manoj Tiwari (Daud Abraham’s brother) the girl worked as heroin name Kangana canvas.

Let’s begin in the story we all have one friend where we shere own story about prison before happing in the end we all have own secret life we all accept issue happiness caring the bag with all new life but inside you have free your mind what you do after that without any guilt bcoz you have served your self in jail for years and you can learn all kind of idea technology also this world full of selfish before fight we have to prepare for fight or we have to survive this word