Some pages of books can’t decide your feature.

Whenever I was confused I tried out to reach out to what’s wrong with me sometimes I was always run with the mind but I always agree with my self this title I got from my little friend Sakshi. she always helps me out any bad situations some time she also in the same situation but she best friend or also you can say my sister but she was my neighbor. top in the class first in the school.

We all once fall in love even if we are disagree but we are part of this universe so we can’t disagree we are against Luv then must once we have to accept it we had it’s but this crucial world can’t help me out regarding this selfish word I’m that boy who makes out time for web series till midnight last night I get some fact of Bhaskar the boy works with Ekta Kapoor’s web shows but decently part of own self-respect. the story of begin must end with its own velocity we all want to take rest or best A big journey starts with baby steps but I don’t know the baby steps shoe starting from millions.