People are around us?

How often do you get bored with people? Feel how easy life is if you can easily understand a Sami person! How good it would be if there was no room for misunderstanding! But dear friend, in fact, in any country, there are different types of people in the society. How to deal with someone is an art. So first let’s understand what kind of people are around us.

The first type of people are people who are always enthusiastic. They do not count any obstacles. They are always happy, and achieve their goals. The other type of people know how to manage very well. These people can’t create new things, they can’t do new adventures, but they save a lot of what they have. Does fitness. Their thinking is traditional. The third type of people are radicals or rebels. They want to change the current situation. They do not hesitate to do destructive activities to bring about change. The fourth type of people are bright, talented and creative. They live off of new creative works and experiments.

The fifth type of people always carry Sahu with them. They have immense compassion. Wherever problems arise in society, they are ready to help, and solve problems in a way that does not hurt or hurt anyone.These people tend to be messengers of peace, and have a sense of immense compassion and belongingness to the survey.

Look within yourself. Pay attention to what your characteristics are. In the realm of the mind two similar factors attract each other.So which of these five types do you feel attracted to? Know that you are the same kind of person. Accordingly you can decide the direction of your life. But individuals with very different types are also quite different emotionally. So how to deal with people with different emotional roles? So that your own mind stays calm and still! So you can take four approaches to this.

1.Friendship: Make friends with people who are happy and enthusiastic. If you don’t have a friendship with a happy and enthusiastic person, then sometimes you will be jealous of him. Instead, befriend a cheerful, enthusiastic person. And see that your mind will also be happier and happier.

2.Compassion: Don’t be friends with those who are sad, but have immense compassion. If you make friends with a sad person, you will also become sad. And if you are miserable, how can you bring others out of a miserable mindset? We often feel that we should be sad with the sad person. This is a big mistake. It just so happened that the doctor had to get sick to treat the patient! How can a doctor treat a sick person? So don’t pity those who are miserable, but have compassion, help.

3. Happiness: Be extremely happy with those who are doing good work in the world, who are successful in their field. If someone specializes in music, express your heartfelt gratitude to them. If someone is making progress in their field, be happy with their proficiency and progress. Your own consciousness will be elevated.

4. Detachment: We usually feel angry at people who are disrupting and harming society. But when you get angry you lose your energy and your enthusiasm.What a great loss! And in this situation you also become like them. The situation, the person you reject, and the resulting anger or hatred, ultimately leaves no substantive difference between you and that person. So what should be done in these circumstances? Accept the Sami person and become detached. You will then be able to take effective action.