Is Earth the Hell of the Universe?

Children are born with the ability to love all living things. When children are three years old, their parents take care of them, but as they get older and more understanding, their love changes and the love diminishes. But you can love yourself too.

There is actually a course for this. Compassion (compassion) is a two-month farming training course based on scientific tests, developed by Jimpa Thupten (Ph.D.). Gimpa and his colleagues have devised the course at Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Althruism Research and Education. If I were the Minister of Education, I would make this compulsory here.

There is also a course called Great Good in Action – GGIA. Which also provides you with a mental exercise. Most studies – the more you do, the faster the heart and brain develop. So much so that every small step also helps in your physical exercise goal. When you decide to physically take 10,000 steps a day, you only take 3000 steps, which is also good for your health.

You notice your actions yourself. When do you suddenly become merciful? Do you sometimes watch the tragedy on TV or when you are not doing anything? When you resist accepting grief all day (such as your attitude towards the person or family that is asking for money while passing by on the road)? How many times a day do you assess or ask to reduce personal pain – that was right Or underestimate yourself or keep track of what’s going on in the world. Once you notice your own thoughts, change can happen easily.

I remember once with pride, as the light of my car was turned off, when I opened a bottle of water to drink, I was picking leaves from a yellow leafy plant on the road. I came out and watered the plant, waiting for it to regenerate. At that time I didn’t think much of anything, but my mind became happy, but other forms of life i.e. the feeling of giving something made me realize that you are on the right path and you enjoy getting something for yourself.

Are you changing? Have you stopped making excuses? Think you can make it better by looking at the world from a different perspective than ruthlessly? Can you get along well with humans and other creatures?Do you associate your life with values? Are you idealistic for making someone’s life better? Has your hero changed? How many times have you thanked the universe? How many times have you opposed opportunities to be sad? Have you ever been kind to other creatures? If you like your thoughts and actions, keep a diary to record them.

Compassion is to alleviate suffering and in the end this is a thing that is meaningful in life. Fighting with neighbors is easy and thousands of people did so during the lockdown. It is easy to kill a dog that has taken refuge under the stairs to escape the rain.It is easy to declare a wounded tiger as a predator and prey on it. It is easy to put a bomb in the diet so that the jaw of the cow is separated, it is easy to uproot the trees, but does it make the world move forward or backward? Violence is a bad thing for good economics, but it is the opposite of compassion.