Freedom But Not Apologies

We are in the middle of life we always think about the end or beginning of the life. actually, whenever we are depressed and sad we all think about what is a problem but we can’t close that problem. we have to consume this problem but we can’t accept the problem but we get the solution and accept this problem and win the solution.

okay take the first point in the middle of the point where we are take choose of the point whenever people are successful the share their key of success,but the point is how the find key of success is there and here both lock are same “i don’t know” but we all know we went success and it;s not easy to get it we all are started but we don’t know where to stop.

If we stopped we think we ruined this universe but all this cost we just little somethings of the point but this world doesn’t matter you are or not but some of us also give you some memory (memory).

There are died in soldiers in world wars but we are at still next war but I don’t care is matter to me what I want Someone said “don’t sad of people they all die.”

Actually we can’t fight with light(we can just Hide from the shadow of light) these people are crueller if you think it’s not easy to fight but it not impossible to win.we don’t need to lose hope if we can higher on high we have to stay on land maybe it’s the only last options do or die sentence use in war life is war.