Dreams on fire

After this title maybe you remember the song of the oscar-winning movie Slumdog Milinior Latika theme or manny songs are beautiful. All take sleep for rest all day also you can say for recharge your self.

We all understand lyrics with the tune if we hear some music is magic. When I go to sleep at midnight for rest I wake up in another world I work there same us here. But that world returns me peace or as I recharge my body some bad returns me learn from bad things learn from good things.

There so many complaints with this world these people but there is no another option to survive without a fight I die it”s your dark dream we are finding to purpose, one midnight I had asked moon we all grow up in the same moon, You must know about purpose a but I didn’t get response moon hidden behind clouds and I thought moon as wanting the same answer but there no one there for the answer.

in this race For showing them, we are better we are doing our basic luxuries lifestyle is good also helpful and we have to find all answers of our own questions, in that world only we have fear of leaving some dreams are good which makes you happy and some are nightmares in the dream the connection with this word all time we arrange own self to be pretty.

Time Traweling : It’s just nightmare or Time Eclipse

when your takeing rest what shoud you thing about your mind have thought that is your darkside of your past or fetutres, during the sleep our body takeing the rest but our mind must working on othe parts (Quantum Physics) we are happy with AI and this automatuion world but all happned before also will be happning again