Best Ways To Focus

fundamentally if people understand that the source of human experience is within you joy or misery agony or ecstasy pleasure or pain everything comes from within you if you understand this much if I understand suppose right now I think I’m miserable because of you there’s no solution for my life isn’t it because all you have to do is walk in front of my home I will become miserable so simple it is you don’t have to kill me you just have to walk around in front of me I will die within myself every day if I understand the source of my joy and misery are within me then you know what’s the obvious choice isn’t it so this one fundamental thing has to get across to all the human beings on this planet your experience is entirely determined by you this is what the word karma means, unfortunately, it’s become something else here karma means an action that means when we say if your life is your karma we are saying your life is entirely your making hundred percent what happens in the world there are many forces involved what happens within me it’s percent me percent isn’t it if you don’t take charge of this then you’re an accidental life.

when you’re accidental life anxiety is very natural to let’s do suppose you’re driving accidentally that is you don’t know what’s happening and you simply somehow going and that is natural or yes any accidental moment creates anxiety so this is why consciousness means this that you have taken charge of the instruments of life which on a most fundamental level is our physiological and psychological space you take in charge of this now your health your happiness your joy your ecstasy your misery everything is in your hands you exercise them as you want going back to what you said about focus in your book you talk about something I thought was so interesting to set the faucet to a certain drip rate and do nothing but focus on the dripping of the faucet for like seven minutes or something what idea is to pay attention to something which has no relevance
to you see people have divided the universe this is important this is not important

this person is important for me this person is not important this is important for me that’s not important for me you divided the universe you will never know anything this way indiscriminate focus indiscriminate attention I am not attending to you because you are somebody with a cobra in your heart all right it doesn’t matter who I speak to who I am with I am the same way indiscriminate only when your attention and
involvement is indiscriminate does the universe open up to you you have discriminated naturally you close you know people come to me into such guru I want to walk the spiritual path I said okay be here for three days let’s see what we can say no such rude day after tomorrow my uncle’s daughter’s birthday

I have to go oh you want to get enlightened and the day after tomorrow uncle’s daughter’s birthday also all right we got one and a half days you do one thing you do this and this it’s a circle but I don’t like this alright I’ll give them a small piece of paper and say okay write down things that you like we’ll do only don’t do that they won’t believe it in this entire universe most people like only three or four things when you’re so constipated in your head that you lack only three or four people are three or four things in your life how do you want to open up to the existence because life is happening because of its openness this is a fundamental difference between death and life is people are thinking is just breath alright on one level that is also openness whether you allow this to happen or you don’t allow it to happen whether you did it consciously or unconsciously but it’s happening isn’t it openness is on every subatomic particle is in communication with everything that’s why this is going on the breath is happening so much is happening in connection with everything it is only in openness you’re alive as you closed doors you are dying in installments dying in installments is torture see life is fantastic if you’re alive and fully alive if you’re dead it’s good at least the

neighbors may think so this may sound very not so compassionate but I’m saying everybody dies you and me will die all right if you die if the game is over but if you’re half dead this is endless torture to yourself when you are being tortured of course you’ll share it with everybody else talk to me about your motorcycle accident and having to have your calf sewed back together which is without anesthesia how is that possible not that young anymore today I would take anesthesia or wild days but the notion of the difference between pain and suffering I thought was very useful the pain is physiological it’s there he was no pain most people would not even know how to protect them see just because there’s no pain in this see what all you’re done to it see there’s no pain in this so that’s why you took it off if there’s no pain in your nose maybe you would have taken it off because the many advantages you will take in about 60% extra oxygen if you just remove this one thing contraption wherever there is no pain people are messing with it like crazy isn’t it they call this hairstyle they call it so many things suppose there was no pain in the entire body in Los Angeles people would pull out their stomach bag and you think they wouldn’t do it neither what only pain is helping them to preserve themselves isn’t it so pain is good there’s no physiological pain most people would not know I here in the United States there’s one group they call themselves something I forget that word they’re actually cutting their fingers off their hands off on the video well they’re posting it online there’s a group like that whoa can you imagine Mrs. selle in spite of so much pain if there is no pain almost everybody would have cut themselves off in so in the name of fashion they would have cut themselves into ribbons so pain is a good thing physically because that is your preservation self-preservation mechanism but suffering is something that you do in your mind so pain that happens in your body you take it in your mind and multiply it a thousand times or a million times depending on how capable you are or how stupid you are and suffer it a million times over right now most human beings are like this what happened ten years ago they can still suffer what may happen the day after tomorrow they already suffer they are not suffering life they think they’re suffering life they are not suffering like they are suffering the two most fantastic faculties that human beings alone have a vivid sense of memory and a fantastic sense of imagination why do you think that depression and anxiety suicide are so rampant right now so one thing is the survival process has become easier than ever before believe me in the morning if you need a bucket full of water if you had to walk a mile to the river to get one bucket of water and your family needed buckets of water you would have no time to mess yourself now you have a lot of time to mess yourself
because our survival is better organized than ever before another thing is most human beings do not know how to manage their biochemistry without physical activity I have seen a whole lot of people particularly teenage boys and girls between the ages of and who come to me with some severe violent problems within themselves if you leave them like that they may kill themselves or kill somebody else that in that kind of state many of them have even killed their parents you know it just happened all over the world and in when I came to know that in India which is not so much suicidal in that sense because there’s huge family support and stuff like that in spite of that in eighteen thousand six hundred children below years of age committed suicide out of which, are below years of age so year-olds who must be bubbling with life are wanting to take their own lives why obviously we’re doing something fundamentally wrong with the society isn’t it yes our goals and our stupid ideas of what if success is driving them nuts because we are trying to use our children like racehorses that are interesting and when you say that is something too that represent us that we’ve turned into something amazing or in what way are they like racehorses when you understand life as a race if you’re in a race what subjective you must reach the finish line quick isn’t it yes what is the finish line of your life death there you have it this may not be a conscious process but life with the new is understanding it like that when
you see you must understand this whether you are conscious it of a conscious of it or not any human being right now if you make yourself miserable you must understand you are sending a message to every cell in the body that I don’t want to live you might not have articulated it in your head yet but when you become miserable you notice suddenly your body seems heavy and it’s like it doesn’t want to get up from this chair have you seen this yes when you’re happy you’re willing to bounce it everything and do everything bend backward if necessary why this is happening in the message has gone to every cell in the body this guy wants to die they’re all thinking okay what can we do to help him but by then, of course, you’ll recover so you want to die you want to live you want to die you want to live the body is getting confused because you must understand this is a very intelligent body it’s taking instructions from you every cell in the body has an enormous sense of memory and intelligence if you keep sending wrong messages if they act you did because you’re sending contradictory messages you are not dead you’re half dead you can give it any number of exotic names essentially you have turned your intelligence against yourself this is supposed to work for you
but now you have turned it against yourself it’s working against you