According to people, I have changed so much,

One day a guy said he liked the taste of bananas, so I changed myself to bananas.But after a while that guy started liking orange, so I transformed myself into orange. He said the orange is sour and now he likes apples, so I decided to become an apple too and right there he immediately started exploring for grapes. In the opinion of the people, I have changed myself so many times that I no longer remember my original form. It would have been better if I had kept my original form and waited for the person who likes guava fruit!

You don’t have to change yourself because no one group accepts you. No matter what the world decides for you, you maintain your uniqueness.Always respect yourself. Don’t sacrifice your self-esteem in the hope of gaining acceptance from others. In trying to win a relationship, see if you are not sacrificing your true and basic form? Because in the future you will surely regret that in the momentary longing for acceptance, you have lost your golden uniqueness! Even Mahatma Gandhiji was rejected by so many!

So know that a certain group doesn’t accept you, it just didn’t happen to you. Your unique world has been created for you, where you are the only emperor/empress. Discover that world. In fact, the world that has become for you will find you! Gasoline cannot do what water can do and gold cannot do what it can do. The ant is light so it can move and if the tree is heavy it can stay stable by connecting with the earth, the roots.

Every creation here is unique, each person plays a unique role.And each person’s existence is for a specific purpose. Only I can do what I have to do on this earth and only you can do what you have to do. He was quoted when the world needed Krishna, Jesus came to earth when the world needed him, Mahatma Gandhi or J. R. D. Tata was born if the world needed him.

In the same way, the world needs you and that is why you have come to earth for a special purpose. Throughout the universe, no one has ever been like you in the past and no one is going to be like you forever. Nature loves you so much that it constantly takes care that no one else becomes like you after you are created.

Build confidence! Only you can do it, no one else can do it for you.Don’t label yourself vulnerable. God is constantly telling you, you are beautiful, bright, special and that is why you are very dear to God. Never say I am not able to progress. Say I am special, capable of doing anything, and see that you are overwhelmed with enthusiasm, energy and joy!

You are pure. You are incomparable. Are unique. Wondering the world. Your uniqueness is similar to the festival. Celebrate the continual celebration of self-emergence on earth. Always remember the truth that God loves you very much.